What is brand value
Enterprise products, products are products of value; corporate branding, the brand also has brand value. Products can be sold brands also trafficking; consumers buy a product, get the functional benefits of the product, if consumers are buying is a brand of something of value, you will get a brand value of emotional benefits. Brand and if not bring benefits to consumers, the brand will not be selling, not selling things do we make it? If we do, the functional benefits of selling products on the line. Therefore, since we have to shape the brand, brands must have a separate value. Brand value is different from the met and the value of the product to meet, products to meet consumer interests or needs and met although there are requirements of the brand, but more of a desire. To put it bluntly, is the soul satisfied. Consumers to their meeting will also pay for consumption of the soul, which is the brand to consumers. It can be said that brand to consumers is a spiritual need emotional value, the value is also of interest. Sure is, the interests of brand and product interests are two completely different things. About a product of interest, let me give you an example, such as drinking water, water to quench their thirst, this is the product of interest. Brand: what are the benefits? It leads to mental and emotional satisfaction, it is an interest of the consumers emotionally accepted the results. From the marketing perspective, products are manufactured, and brand is shaping up.

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