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&Nbsp;     when it comes to logos and corporate image, a lot of people have their own set of explanations. What is the logo, the word is an abbreviation of the term logotype, refers to the company's sign or symbol before. The term originated in Greece language: logos, which means "word". In the context of graphic design, text symbol is often used to refer to the name of the company. If the token does not have text, we call this a "pattern" (symbols), but used symbols of communication patterns (such as traffic signs, or signs) is actually a "hieroglyph" (pictographs) If a sign consists only of font, they can call letters (lettermarks), a literal (wordmarks), or Monogram flags (monograms), Mark these words is usually takes the form of initials or abbreviations to the performance, of course, can also use the full name of the company. When the sign symbol logo and text together, is what we call the "mixed signs" (combination marks). Either sign if registered or protected by the law, calling it a "trademark". In published industry in the, many people are in cover using text standard or header (masthead) to convey press of name, but accurate of name (especially for newspaper of header) should is "nameplate" or "banner", and masthead a Word, accurate of meaning is is refers to column Ming publishers name, and has people of name, and staff table, and address phone like of those text. In order to describe, we used the following "signs" was to represent the symbol of the company, using the "header" to represent the publishing industry.

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