Logo design features

1, functional
marks the essence of its function. Artistically designed logo have ornamental value, but signs are not primarily in order for people to watch, but for the practical. Signs are an essential Visual tool for production activities, social activities. Logo promising human total with of, as public logo, and traffic logo, and security logo, and operation logo,; has for national, and area, and city, and national, and family dedicated of flag emblem, logo; has for social groups, and enterprise, and righteousness, and activities dedicated of, as emblem, and logo, and factory standard, and social standard,; promising a species commodity products dedicated of trademark; also has for collective or personal belongs items dedicated of, as stamp, and signature, and remainder, and inscribed, and branded,, are their has not alternative of unique of using function. Logo especially having force of law and to protect their interests for a particular mission.
2, recognition
marks the most striking feature is the unique appearance, easy to identify, display the characteristics of the thing in itself, indicate the significance of something different, difference and belonging are the main features. Logo is directly related to the fundamental interests of States, groups and individuals, must not be identical to each other, confusing, so as not to cause a false impression. Mark must be distinctive feature is to recognize at a glance and never forgets anything.
significantly significantly marked another important characteristic besides invisible sign outside, the vast majority of sets of signs is to draw attention. Concise and clear strong eye-catching colors, graphics, marks often have features.
flag variety, a wide range of uses, and diversity, in terms of its application form, form, means of expression, is rich in diversity. The application form, not only the plane (using almost any material plane), there are stereo (such as embossing, carving, arbitrary-shaped stereo or use packaging, containers and special style logo, etc). Its form, using images, text consisting of signs, to image, image or graphic form of abstraction, and color composition. Most of the logo is made up of several basic forms. Means of expression, barely outlined its richness and diversity, and with the development of science and technology, culture, art, always in constant innovation.
5 non-natural, artistic
design logo has a certain degree of artistry. Meet the practical requirements and is consistent with the principles of aesthetics. Give people a sense of beauty, is the art of basic requirements. In General, the flag more attractive to and infection of men of art, give an impression of strong and deep. Mark's high level of artistry are the needs of the times and the progress of civilization, is the embodiment of the increasingly high literacy and aesthetic needs.
accuracy marks regardless of what, what, whether it is moral or symbol, its meaning must be accurate. First of all to understand, is consistent with known psychological and cognitive ability. Second to be exact, avoid unintended multiple solutions, or misunderstood, particular attention should be taboo. People at a glance, and accurately understand and correct in a very short time, this sign is better than language, in the language of strength.
7, persistent
signs differ from advertising or other publicity materials, and generally have a long-term value, it is not easily changed.
8, aesthetic
logo design is not just a symbol, logo's real significance lies in the to corresponds to a complex of small use short form of expression. Logo was designed in the "essays ', but it is also the most difficult. The selectivity characteristics of its woodcarvings, beat, for example. Logo design by clever combination creates a polysemous text, graphics, forms, design requirements than other, more focused, more intense, more representative. Outstanding performance is to design the General visualization, characterized by simple, concise, clear, clear; concise, accurate and interesting rates via the communication effect.
9, uniqueness:
unique logo design is the most basic requirement. Thumb marks and particulars are to have their own unique personalities, does not allow any similar, which makes the design must be unique, concise, and looking for creating a unique visual experience to leave a deep impression. Therefore, the logo design is to be able to distinguish it from the most basic requirements of existing signs, should be avoided and a variety of already registered, have used existing similar reciprocal sign in name and graphics. Only creative, has its own characteristic logo and vitality. Personality features more vivid symbol of stronger visual appeal.
10, notable sex:
attention are signs of Visual effects that should be achieved. Good logo should be attractive, gives a strong visual impact. Because people only pay attention to make signs to convey information to the people to have an impact. In logo design, emphasizing contrast and visual image of the bright and vivid, are important elements of attention. Especially the public logo design not only has a strong visual impact on the General environment, but also in a variety of environmental conditions to maintain a strong visual impact. Logo design in a variety of different applications, can maintain a good visual image of the trade mark, trademark both in product packaging, or in various types of media propaganda, can serve to highlight the positive role of brand.

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