Logo design of common sense

principle of common sense

first, the basic requirements for
1, designed to fully consider the feasibility of its implementation, according to the application form, material and production conditions to apply the appropriate design tools and also has to be applied to other forms of Visual communication (such as printing, advertising, images, and so on) or zoom in and out of Visual effects.
2 use the graphics made it should be noted that, in design, not only to be concise and summarize, and artistic, that is easy to remember.
3, on the artistic conception to ingenious, innovative, unique meaning and precise to achieve the Visual effect of beauty; composition to be concise and beautiful.
4, designed to meet the object of intuitive ability, aesthetic awareness, psychosocial and taboos.
5, pure colors, strong, bold, and to follow the rules of logo design concept art, to seek appropriate forms of artistic expression and creative approach, forging a precise artistic language, so that the design of the logo has a high degree of beauty, for best visual effects. Logo art in addition to the General design rules (such as decoration, and beauty in order), but also has its own unique rules.
Second, the mainstream trend. LOGO designers no longer emphasize sustainability or General "green". Still has numerous natural pattern, but "green" is no longer so special.
2. Color more vivid. Theory of unsaturated low tide, instead of the intensity of color.
3. Type of overall style and simplicity-simple, clean lines, color is simple-it's like concept more and more straightforward. Simplicity may have become a scale to measure brand awareness and weak.
4. Less is better: less calligraphy, PS less processing, less pretentious and Polish.
LOGO international standards, international norms in order to facilitate the dissemination of information on the INTERNET, a uniform international standards as needed. Have in fact have such a set of standards. LOGO on website, there are three kinds of specifications: 1. 88*31 is the Internet's most popular LOGO specifications.
2. 120*60 size LOGO used in this specification.
3. Large LOGO 120*90 used in this specification.
4. 200*70 LOGO has appeared this specification.

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