Corporate logo design is not difficult

before you know it, we have entered an era of logo on all sides, especially for companies, every company has a logo representing the corporate values, or corporate logo, design corporate logo, can be well explained not only corporate philosophy, can also play very good publicity. Corporate logo design should be difficult, right? This question is for people who are not designed for, if we are able to use a software to design methods, you will find that corporate logo design is not difficult. Small series and below we look at business logo design process.

to complete the corporate logo design, a well designed piece of software is essential, Xiao bian recommended for everyone today is master SI logo designers, this is a particularly easy and extremely cost-effective logo design software.

we went to Suk SI logo designer's website to download and install the software, which can obtain the right to use the software, you can design corporate logo.

after you run the Suk SI logo designers will automatically pop up a "new from template" dialog box, the dialog box provides a number of templates for you to choose.

we choose one of the templates, and then click the left mouse button, which is successfully loaded into the software, then you can begin editing.

we not only can change the color of the template, graphical elements can also be reset, in the software in the list on the right, there are many ready-made materials for everyone to use. It's just the most basic setup, designed to make the enterprise more attractive, the software in the navigation bar at the top of, there can be many things, such as adding text, set the opacity, mirroring, and so on.

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