Commonly used in poster design technique
Common techniques used in poster design

This is one of the most common direct method using a very wide range of expression. It will show directly to a product or topic in advertising pages, using techniques such as photography or painting realistic performance. Weaknesses in the fine carved and rendering of texture, form and function, exquisite and fascinating texture of the products shown, gives a vivid sense of reality, consumers have of the product advertised an intimacy and trust.
this approach to consumers directly, so be attentive to product combinations and display on the screen angle should be careful to highlight the product's brand and the most moving parts of the product itself, the use of color contrast and background, so that product in a contagious spatial, so as to enhance the Visual impact of advertising images.
use a variety of ways of/> prominent features law catches and emphasized the product or subject in itself distinctive characteristics, and clearly manifested these characteristics in the main Visual part of the advertising images or foil, makes audiences in touch screen moments that soon felt their attention and visual interest, stimulate the desire to buy promotional purposes.
in advertising performance, these should be highlighted and rendering characteristics, generally rich in individual character product unique special abilities or a manufacturer's logo and product logo and other factors to decide.
was the prominent feature of technique is very commonly used expression of our common is to highlight one important means of advertising theme, a not negligible performance contrast against value

contrast is a kind of art that tends to conflict between the most prominent expression of beauty. It depicted in works of nature and features in the control and direct contrast to show through other, mutual ratio and lining, from the comparison of contrast, reach focused, concise, and inflections. By this means more emphasis or hint product performance and features, impressive visual experience to consumers.
as a common and effective technique of expression, it can be said that all the arts benefited from comparison expression. Application of contrast method, not only makes the advertising themes to enhance the performance, and full of fun, broadened the appeal of advertising works. Contrast practices to use successfully, so seemingly mundane picture implies a wealth of meaning, showing different levels and depth of the advertising theme. Reasonable hyperbole
/> with imagination, advertising works on the target audience in the qualities or characteristics of a particular aspect of fairly obvious has been greatly exaggerated in order to deepen or broaden the understanding of the characteristics. Writer Maxim Gorky said: "hyperbole is the basic principle of creation. "Through this approach can be more clearly emphasized or reveal the essence of strengthening effect of art works.
exaggeration is seeking new changes in General, by fictional characteristics and personality between the objects are exaggerated, giving people a taste of novelty and change.
, the performance characteristics of exaggeration can be divided into two forms exaggerated look and exaggerated types, representing a piece of the former, the latter an implicit modal piece. Through the use of hyperbole, injected strong emotions to the artistic beauty of advertising, product feature bright, focused, and moving.
by stereoscopic images in the advertising design emphasis, choice and concentrated, with unique imagination to seize or centers on a local extension or amplification, to more fully express the theme. This artistic process with a point of view, the small, never full to full expression, gives designers a great deal of flexibility and unlimited expression, at the same time to provide recipients with a broad imagination, get vivid taste and rich association.
woodcarvings in the of "small", is advertising picture description of focus and visual interest Center, it is advertising creative of concentrated and germinal, is designers well-attended of arrangements, for surface it has not general meaning of "small", but small in the Yu big, to small wins big of height refined of product, is simple of deliberately pursuit
using Lenovo method
in aesthetic of process in the through rich of Lenovo, can breakthrough spatio-temporal of boundaries, expanded art image of capacity, deepened picture of mood.
by Association, people see on aesthetic objects themselves or with their relevant experience, beauty often seem particularly strongly, so that the aesthetic object and the United States together as one of Microsoft, raised during the Association of aesthetic resonance, the intensity of feeling is always intense and rich.
full of humor law humor refers to advertising work skillfully reproduced in the comedy feature, local things in life phenomena through people's character, appearance and behavior of some of the comic character. Humorous expression, often used interesting plot, cleverly arranged, need some things, stretching to a comic degree, creating a pleasant, amusing and thought-provoking and humorous mood. Humorous conflict can be unexpected, and reasonable artistic effect, viewers knowing smile, in a unique way, play a role of art.
borrowed metaphor method
metaphor method is refers to in design process in the select two a in this copies the not same, and in some aspects and some similar sex of things, "to this real Yu he real", metaphor of things and theme no directly of relationship, but a is Shang and theme of some features has similar of at, thus can allege, for extends into, get "mildly song up" of art effect.
compared with other techniques, similes and implicitly hidden, sometimes difficult to clear, but once you understand the meaning, it can mean endless one.
to support object method artistic appeal is the most direct effect of emotional factors, aesthetic subjects and objects of beauty continue to Exchange feelings resonate in the process. Art has convey feelings of features, "moving heart who, MO first Yu love" this sentence words has showed that has feelings factors in art created in the of role, in performance technique Shang focuses on select has feelings tendencies of content, to better of feelings to foil theme, real and vivid to reflect this aesthetic feelings on can get to love moving, play art infection people of power, this is modern advertising design of literature focuses on and beauty of mood and taste of pursuit.
suspense arrangements method
in performance technique Shang trick, cloth Xia suspected array, makes people on advertising picture at first glance puzzled meaning, caused a suspicion and tension of psychological state, in audience of psychological Shang set off layer Layer waves, produced exaggerated of effect, drive consumers of curiosity and strongly moves, opened active of thinking Lenovo, caused audience further proved advertising meaning of where strongly wishes, then through advertising title or body put advertising of theme pointed out out, makes suspense to lifted, To make an unforgettable feelings.
suspense technique a high artistic value, it can deepen the conflict first, attract the interest and attention of the audience, resulting in a strong, interesting artistic effects.
Choose icon method in real life, people all have their own worship, admiring or follow objects, but there is a psychological desire to him as much as possible, to get mental satisfaction. This approach is aimed at people of the psychological characteristics applied, it caught people admired celebrity idols, Idol of select audience in mind, with the product information is communicated to the audience. Due to celebrity idols have a lot of psychological appeal, use foil to celebrity idols, can greatly improve the impression level and sales status, establishing brand credibility, ineffable force induced consumers to celebrity Idol-winning products in the ads note that stimulate the desire to buy. Idol's choice can be soft romantic Super actress of temperament known male star; can also be a world famous sports men and women experts, others can also choose politicians, celebrities, artists, Battlefield Heroes, hotties, etc. Idol choose to agree well with the advertising of products or services being in a position in the character or give far-fetched sense, makes people psychologically, refused, and so it cannot achieve the intended purpose.
humor imitation method
This is a creative of introduction Yu technique, don't has means to used to new for old of take name way, put world general mass by familiar of paintings, art and celebrities, as humor of image, after clever of plastic perform, makes paintings celebrity produced humor sense, to consumers a new strange of visual impression and easily happy of interesting, to its exception, and mystery improve advertising of v Mo effect, increased products worth and attention degrees. The force of this expression will be advertising, in an almost comic, witty fun, amazing, make you laugh, make you never forget, leave with great funny aftertaste.
magic psychedelic method
using deformity of exaggerated, to unlimited rich of imagine frame weaving out myth and fairy tale like of picture, in a fantasy of stories in the reproduction reality, caused and reality life of a species distance, this full rich romantic, Freehand than realistic of performance technique, to suddenly appeared of magic of Visual feel, is full appeal, to people a special of beauty feel, can meet people preferences singular changeable of aesthetic taste of requirements.
in such an expressive artistic imagination is important, it is a sign of human intelligence is developed, what things need to imagine, art in particular. You can say, imagining the life of art.
starting from the idea until the design is complete, imagine in an active manner. Imagine feature, is it creative, creative imagination is the new meaning of mining began, is the new images show. It is the basic tendency to reform associations aroused by the experience, will eventually make up the new image with the aesthetic, creative, strong AO, the heart of power.
through successive frames in a row, forming a complete visual impression, through pictures and text to convey the advertising message is very clear and prominent, powerful.
advertising images have vivid visual image in itself, repeatedly accumulated, can deepen the impression of consumer products or services, get good publicity, expansion of sales, establish a brand-name, stimulate the desire to buy more competitive have a bigger role. As a prerequisite for designing strategies, establishing corporate image more important role that cannot be ignored.
as design constitute of based, form psychological of grasp is is important of, from Visual psychological for, people rejected monotone uniform of form, pursuit diverse changes, continuous series of performance technique meet "Yu diverse Yu unified among" this a form beauty of basic law, makes people Yu "with" in the see "different", Yu unified in the seeking changes, formed both diverse and unified, both compared and harmony of art effect, strengthening has art appeal.

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