Logo design color
Standard color
the so-called "standard color" refers to the specified one (or a set of) a specific color system. Used in all visual media through sensory stimuli and psychological reflection of color, highlighting the business concept and image quality. For example business success can suggest: yellow black and white Kodak-Fuji-the Green Coke-red-and-white, Pepsi-blue and white. In theory, the enterprises have their own Visual design manual standard color or secondary colors, others have not yet developed the condition of enterprise standard color can be selected from the following point, based on the corporate identity needs of enterprise business philosophy dominant ideas, other qualitative, credibility, characteristics such as growth, professional needs.
based on the business strategy of CI strategy to emphasize "differentiation", such as not only green can represent hospitals, sometimes unique color can effectively achieve the purpose of outstanding brand.
based on cost and the technical factors to promote a wide media coverage, taking into account printing and toner cost and feasibility, try to print color separations is more reasonable use of colour, ensure accurate color reproduction.
as symbols using a standard color principles should also pay attention to the following points:
marking system design is not simply a clone of the standard colors, should also pay attention to secondary use.
under the special needs, can use some neutral color (grey) tone, standard color ornament, also up to rigorous and clear results.
according to the background color of the environment, requires the use of appropriate colors, when the standard color and environment similar to cognitive level to select high contrast color. In short, logo design is a complex and systematic work, both in the design of some scientific theories but also added some personal things, so that we can design a successful identity systems.

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