ID classification identifies the classification there are two concepts
in accordance with the identification of the general business environment-oriented classification principles
signage and wayfinding principles figure is made up of a number of enterprises and professional engineering staff to summarize, and in enterprise planning and design-oriented identification program has a higher maneuverability, Enterprise square (customer) can refer to the table, choose their own needs, to the design request details.
on identifies of identifies performance form classification, is by following three species constitute:
standardization refers to by module of material design making of combination profile identifies, meet most enterprise environment function sex requirements, and in processing process in the can using plane design combination, and installation way, and surface processing to reached diversification of effect, provides to enterprise a series sex strong, management convenient of identifies system.
personalization provided by professional design, meet to identify the shape, material, specifications, process approach of higher demand. Characterized by freedom of expression, corporate personality is strong, original, relatively high cost, but can better reflect culture trait, artistic features strong.
the highest level expressions of human identity is humane. More fully functional, cultural nature, more profound relationship between products and ergonomic, better use of design language and methods to meet the emotional needs and aspirations of the public. More attention to detail, saturated with more use of ' care, more eco-friendly "green design" as well as barrier-free design.

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