Logo design according to the following areas

Enterprise on expression its business concept and positioning of requirements;
enterprise of people machine information exchange process (Enterprise internal of Department structure, between relationship);
enterprise of indoor outside building environment conditions;
identifies of expression way;
identifies of effect evaluation (by Enterprise Party decided)
Enterprise identifies oriented classification principle;
identifies design of theory reference according to.

Enterprise (client-side) according to their own circumstances to communicate with designers, reference to past projects, experiences and other resources, have developed a concept, including materials, colors, effects, cost, energy-saving and after-sale maintenance of multi-faceted consideration. Have a clear goal will make the square (customer), design and for efficient process, efficiency and easier so that they can enter after the first draft of a higher level thinking and demonstration programmes.
has the design should have a reasonable step, so that step by step. Logo design best interior design and architecture during the intervention, so that taking into account the identification and coordination of architectural style, as well as identify conditions necessary for installation.
usually the sign project consists of four phases:
concept design-design-project review-final implementation.
designed by the following procedures:
flow chart-point-location-specifications-color.

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