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poster, also known as "posters" or "poster". Belonging to outdoor advertising. Distributed in the streets, theaters, exhibition, downtown, station, wharf, parks and other public places. Also called the "moment" of street art.
poster compared with other forms of advertising, and has a large image area and extensive content, rich in artistic expression, farsightedness, strength and so on. For our designers. You mention "ads, perhaps first thought is" Bill "Changsha Rui poly for poster design brand design firm need to pay attention to some of the following points:
1. Big screen
design on the poster is not in your hands, but posted in crowded places and it is influenced by the surrounding environment and interference of various factors, so you must screen and highlight the image and color in front of people. Its images are full on, off, long drive and extra footage (eight-Zhang Quankai, etc).

2. Hyperopia, strong
in order to make an impression on people coming and going in a hurry, other than the large, poster design should also fully reflect the orientation design principles. To highlight the trademarks, logos, titles, graphics. Contrasting colors, or a large area of white space, concise Visual process. Make it Visual focus. If different form distinction between advertising and other Visual Arts, poster says more advertising representative.

3. High
poster art nature nature, it includes all commercial and non-commercial ads. Each poster. Its target is very strong. Commercial product posters tend to have the artistic expression in photography, modelling realistic paintings and comic represent the majority, to leave consumers with realistic graphics and humorous fun feel. Rather than commercial posters, extensive content, diversity, rich in artistic expression. In particular cultural and artistic posters, according to theme, imagination, and display their art. Many painters of the pursuit of beauty are actively involved into the design of posters, and use their own language in the design, design styles, a variety of posters. Many works of modern painters is to poster emerged, art history has left many wonderful anecdotes and vivid paintings. We should give full play to poster size. Good paper, characteristics of the fine print. By understanding the specific manufacturers, products, objects and the environment, give full play to the imagination. With innovative ideas, short and vivid title and advertising language, has the personality manifestations, special emphasis to the hyperopia and artistry of the poster, acute poly design specializes in Changsha, poster design, poster design, poster of Changsha, Changsha design outdoor outdoor advertising design, Changsha, Changsha, Changsha outdoor poster design, poster design, poster design in Changsha.

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