Types and characteristics of POP advertising
POP advertising
counter POP ads are placed in shopping malls POP advertising body on the ground. POP advertising's main function is to display the counter goods, compared with display stands, furnishing goods and must be available for display for a variety of goods, meet the product display feature, and then consider the function of advertising. POP advertising costs are generally higher due to the counter, so for more than a quarter-cycle of product displays, features suitable for some specialty stores, such as watchmaker, stereo shops, jewelry stores, and so on. Counter POP advertising design, starting from the use, must also consider ergonomics-related problems, such as high personal standard fetch-scale and the best view angle scale standard.

ground vertical vertical POP advertising POP advertising is placed in shopping mall advertising bodies on the ground. Mall space to the ground: Mall entrance, main street to the Mall, also as a venue for the ground vertical POP advertising display. Compared to POP and counter, counter POP advertising's main function is to display merchandise, POP on the ground is completely pure advertising for advertising purposes.
as the ground vertical POP advertising is placed on the ground, while on the ground there is a counter and pedestrian flows, in order to allow vertical POP advertising effectively convey the purpose of the ground, not to be overwhelmed by other things, so ask for ground vertical POP advertising volume and height with a certain size, which generally requires more than man's height, 1.8 to 2.0M above. In addition, the ground vertical POP advertising due to its huge volume, in order to support and have good visual effect, usually for solid modeling. After considering the three-dimensional modeling, must consider the different aspects of Visual communication and support, to make the ground vertical POP stable advertising effect.

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