Classification of POP advertising

one, by time to
POP that have been made in the advertising time and highly cyclical. According to the life-cycle, POP advertising can be divided into three types, that is, long-term, medium-POP POP advertising ads and short POP ads.
1. long-term POP ad
POP advertising is used for a long time period in more than one type of POP advertising. Includes door sign POP advertising, counter and credits plus POP POP advertising, corporate image advertising. POP door signs, usually carried out by the operator to complete POP forms. Because of the relatively high cost of these POP forms, sharing cycle than long, and corporate image and product image POP, as a business and the birth of a product cycle are more than a quarter, so for the corporate image and product image POP advertising must also belong to the type of POP advertising for a long time. POP in the time constraints for a long time, so its extremely fine road design must be taken into account, but also the cost of improved, generally at dozens of millions of investments.
2. the medium-term POP ad
medium-term refers to the use of POP advertising cycle for about a quarter of the POP advertising type. Which includes seasonal advertising, shopping malls with seasonal cycles of POP, like clothing, air conditioners, refrigerators and other time constraints, and Windows restrictions in using cycles with product replacement cycle, makes the use of this kind of POP advertising cycles are inevitable in a quarter or so, so are POP advertising in the medium term. Medium-term POP advertising design and investment, you can POP in the long term under the level of advertising, proper consideration.
3. short POP ad
short-term POP advertising is the use of cycle in less than a quarter of POP advertising type. Like the counter display POP display card, display and store sale, sale signs, etc. Due to the existence of this type of advertising is with some presence in the shop, as long as the finished goods sold, the value of commodity advertising also does not exist. In particular, some of the items as the number of incoming, as well as sales, possibly in a day or even a few hours a week can be sold out, so the advertising cycle may also be extremely brief. For this type of POP advertising investment is low, also relatively less attention. Of course in terms of design itself, will remain in the case as much as possible, to meet the product tastes.
Second, according to the different materials for classified
POP, a variety of materials, according to the different product grades, high-grade to low-grade material used. Most commonly used materials are concerned, there are metal, wood, wood, plastic, textile fabrics, artificial leather, leather and all kinds of paper and other materials. Application to goods such as metal, leather POP ads. Plastic, textile fabrics, artificial leather material used for mid-range product POP ads. Like silk, pure linen and other textile fabrics belong to the same grade of advertising material. And paper materials generally used for medium and low-grade goods and short term POP advertising materials. Paper, of course have a more upscale, and processing of paper because convenient, low cost, so in practical application, is POP advertising used by the wide range of materials.

third, according to the exhibition's location and display the different ways to
POP ads that have been made outside the particularity of the addition to the time, another characteristic is its shelf-space and on display. Exhibition locations and in different ways, will design the POP advertising has a big impact. From the exhibition location and displayed in different ways, advertising into the counter display POP POP POP POP, and the ceiling, wall surface, counter ground vertical POP POP and five categories.
in the display location and how to distinguish between different kinds of POP advertising, material selection, design, display, and so there will be a big difference, the POP ad design itself, is essential, so content will be examined below, with more species characteristic for clues, and POP advertising time and material to carry out.
the counter showed on the counter of the small POP POP ads. Because of the relationship between advertising and show the different counter display POP can be divided into display and display two kinds of cards.
show, display card
card can be used on the counter or next to the product or directly into the slightly larger on the goods. Display display of the main functions of the card price, country of origin, class-oriented, while also brief description of product performance, features, functions, such as a brief summary of the contents of goods, it should not be too many words, with a short 35 characters as well.
II, display stand
display stand is placed on the counter that commodity prices, place of origin, and so on. It differs from a display card: must exhibit a small amount of goods on display, but the purpose of the show, not the show itself, but in commodities to directly describe the contents of advertising, display of goods equivalent to display graphic elements on the card. Once a commodity as a picture, display and display card makes no difference. Worth noting is that on the display because it is on the counter, and products designed to explain, so shelves of merchandise goods are generally smaller, and fewer in number as well. For commodity display show jewelry, medicines, watches, pens, and so on. Wall POP advertising is on display at the Mall or on the store's wall POP form of advertising. Space in the Mall, apart from the wall outside the main wall, active partition, counters and shelves of elevation, the stigmatic surface, door and window glass and so are wall POP exhibition place. Used in wall of Mall POP, in the form of two forms of plane and solid. Flat wall POP is actually the poster we have mentioned earlier, and wall surfaces of a solid POP, is the main content of this chapter will introduce. Due to the wall display conditions, applied to wall POP three-dimensional modeling, mainly dominated by semi-solid modeling. So-called semi solid shapes, similar to emboss shapes.
hanging POP advertising is on the Mall or store the upper space and effective use of a type of POP advertising.
hanging POP in all types of POP advertising, the advertising is the largest amount a POP, using the most efficient advertising. Because malls serve as open space, whether it is ground or wall, must be on the merchandising and customer flow to effectively consider and use, but only the upper space and the top is not display and the use of pedestrian circulation, so hanging POP not only in the interface have full use of the possibilities, have a great advantage in space up. Even if appropriate advertising can be placed on the floor and wall, but its visual effects the Visual program and suspension compared to POP, there is a limit. Can imagine that wall POP watch angle and the Visual field will be very limited, meaning wall POP often goods and pedestrians blocked or there is not enough space for customers to watch back. Hanging POP arrived, in the Mall where the customer can see the upper part of the space can be used effectively. In addition, show the way, hanging POP in addition to be able to interface directly, but can also be extended to the space below as appropriate. So hanging POP is the most used, the most efficient form of POP. Suspending a wide variety of POP, from numerous hanging POP advertisements can be divided into two categories the most typical form of hanging POP, hanging flags and hanging of two basic types.
1: hanging flags
hanging flags is at the Mall hanging flag hanging at the top POP advertising, its characteristics are: a planar monomer to space for regular repeat, thereby strengthening the advertising information that passes.
2: slung
slung store relative to hanging flags, are completely stereo hanger POP ads. Its features solid modeling to enhance product image and transmission of advertising information.

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