What is POP advertising design?
Advertising POP (Point of Purchase Advertising), also known as the places of sale advertising are all shopping venues inside and outside (Department stores, shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores) do on-site advertising in General. Effective POP advertising, can inspire the random purchases of customers (or impulse buy), also will be able to effectively plan to buy customer decisions, achieve the purchase of moment-to-moment. POP advertising for consumers, retailers and manufacturers have an important promotional role. POP design include product labels pop design (product carton promotional pop, indicative product pop design) design, promotional pop (such as hanging flags pop design, licensing legislation designed pop pop design), stores pop design (design of promotional discount cards pop, x exhibition rack design, etc).
POP advertising has a high advertising value, and its cost is not high, it originated in the supermarket, but equally suitable for general non-supermarket shopping malls, and even some small shops and other places of all merchandise sales. In other words, POP advertising for any form of commercial premises, will have to attract customers, promotional merchandise. Meanwhile, for business and to improve product image and corporate image visibility role. Function of
POP ad
POP ad has a high economic value, for any form of commercial premises, will have to attract customers, promotional merchandise. Meanwhile, for business and to improve product image and the role of corporate reputation. POP advertising has the following main functions:
product inform
most of the POP ads are informed of new product advertising. When the new products when sold, along with other media, sales sites using POP advertising promotions, able to attract consumer attention, stimulate the desire to buy.
to attract customers into the store two-thirds people
buying is temporary to make purchase decisions, obviously, is proportional to the retail store sales and customer traffic. POP advertising, the first step is to lead people into the stores. Customer
How to attract customer attention and interest, POP advertising may be by virtue of its innovative designs, gorgeous colors, unique idea of attracting customer attention, so as to stop the advertising of interest in commodities. Unique and compelling POP ads often can have unexpected results. In addition, field operations, samples, free, in-store advertising, can also greatly mobilized the interest of customers, buying motivation induced by.
the final purchase
excited customers ultimately buy the core of POP advertising effect. To this end, we must seize the customer's concern and the excitement. Induced by previous work is the Foundation of customers ultimately buy, customers purchase decision is the result of a process, just do enough promotion in the process, results are naturally occurring. Replaced
POP ad "silent salesman" and "the most honest salesman by the name". POP advertising environment is that you frequently use to the supermarket, which is an AutoShape in a supermarket buying patterns, in the supermarket, when consumers are faced with when they know how many commodities, placed in the product around a prominent POP ad, faithfully and continue to provide product information to consumers, and play a role in attracting consumers, contributing to their buying decision.
create an atmosphere
POP advertising sales strong colors, beautiful patterns, outstanding style and humorous, accurate and vivid language, you can create an atmosphere of strong sales, attract consumers ' attention, to produce an impulse purchase.
Enterprise image advertisements with other ads, can be set in a sales environment and enhance the corporate image, and maintain good relations with consumers. POP advertising is an important element of the corporate visual identity. Retail stores can be identified, standard, standard color, corporate image design, advertising posters, slogans, such as various forms of POP advertising, to shape the distinctive corporate image. Promotional
holiday advertising is an important means to serve holiday promotions. In a variety of traditional and modern festivals, POP advertising can create a joyful atmosphere. POP advertising for the holiday selling season has played a contributory role.

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