Design-the art of communication

needs, from design to project, to orders, concept, design, business promotion and contact with the audience, throughout the entire process of communication, the ultimate goal is communication.

first of all:

early preliminary communication with clients, understanding client needs, clear direction, and customer preferences.
first impressions of particular importance, design is more than just marketing your work to clients, is to sell you as a person, your way. Special attention to communication and skills. Interim communication certainly design, deepening the details, feel free to adjust the direction of design, through deep further communication. Revise some running at this time, pay attention to communication, and adjust their attitude. Deepen customer recognition of your ability, and certainly on their efforts. Respect your client, as well as respects your design. Later communication, is the final plan submission, when you stress each other instruction or on the basis of cooperation between the two sides to draft, this sure doesn't hurt, because there one of his efforts, negative work, and to deny the work he made in the early. Their recognition and resonance! I want to get more positives than negatives! This is a kind of communication skills.

second: the role of basic function is to communicate.

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