What do VI design of enterprise's development impact?

upon the establishment of a new, such as the highest decision makers will be able to stand on high ground in the CIS design, corporate philosophies, behavior, Visual positioning three systems and norms, then they can avoid detours, do more with less money, and you can have a multiplier effect.
company name and corporate logo of old when or in common with other enterprises. China originally is single of planned mode, so many enterprise are is by "names + ordinal + industry" of three paragraph type named, or with "places + industry" of two paragraph type named, similar of phenomenon is serious, again plus no strictly of specification, enterprise logo in using process in the gradually deformation and gives, logo of characterization sex gone, not conducive to social public of cognitive, and recognition and memory.

the size of the firm or the formation of the group. As companies cross-business or develop a need and often an internal derived subsidiaries or external phenomenon of mergers and other business, if the lack of a clear unified CIS plans, companies of enterprise groups, relationship between the enterprise and the parent company and subsidiaries's relationship takes a long time to make people aware.

merger of the machine. Two different companies merged together into the new enterprise, irrespective of the good or bad has its own image, this time you need to design new VI production plan, so as to create new glory. Establish new strategies or new products. Corporate image design quality at this time played a key role, in occasion of the implementation of the new strategy, new business into the new VI plan can change the old enterprise faces and exciting spirit of the employees, enhance the business performance of enterprises, the enterprise on the road to a virtuous cycle. Enterprises internationalization. After the internationalization of enterprises as businesses faced a change in public, the original good image of enterprise and its products in the domestic market is likely to lose competitiveness, and at this time we should design new CIS program. Changes in corporate management. Enterprise Management in many cases is the management's business philosophy, so that enterprise decision maker such as Board Chairman and General Manager position on the candidate of change, often causing new CIS activities. Import and implementation of VI programs, including plans to set up a reference to business owners as the center of image Management Committee (this Committee should have the authority and representativeness), corporate image analysis, positioning determining corporate philosophy, adjustment of enterprise structure, clear, corporate behavior and Visual recognition of the integration path choice, preparation of the VI system, image promotion, and so on.

corporate image design is not just through meetings to discuss it. Only after Conference discussions, voting schemes is often the enemy of lack of personality, lack of aura. Therefore, in the design process, it is necessary to listen to various opinions, drew extensively on intelligence, emphasize again, respect for and development of individual creativity and unique performance. Such, to do design programme is most excellent of, and most excellent of important logo is: is popularity of, and at a glance of, and popular understand of, is has unique personality, and has is high aesthetics value and art value of; is reflect has this enterprise of reality industry State of, and can in people mind in the evokes rich of Lenovo and better of emotional, greatly upgrade this enterprise image of; is reality of, is ideal sex of, is reality and ideal of organic fusion and inner unified.
(from Hu yaoyuan the best enterprise of most business culture)

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