Steve jobs of Apple and minimalist aesthetics

based on the user experience: he always loved beautiful products, especially hardware, industrial design is part of users is very important, he sees things as they always start from the user experience perspective. Now outside, most product marketers will do a consumer survey, asking passers-by "what you need". Jobs with them, he did not believe that this set of methods. He said: "if people don't know what a computer is based on the graphic, then how may I ask what they want based on graphic computer? No one had ever seen such a computer. He thought to show a calculator will not help make them imagine future computers, because it would be a leap forward. The most important decision is removed not to do jobs for the future judgment, but also the pursuit of precise details of each step. He is very methodical, careful, perfect. Steve Jobs methodology differs from others is that he always believed that the most important decisions you make are not things you want to do, but you decide not to do things.


little jobs home furniture. There is only a picture of Einstein he admired, like, a Tiffany lamp, a bed and a Chair. He does not claim to have a lot of things, once you have selected the careful care, as his Apple carefully. This is Steve jobs, starting with the user experience, believe that industrial design should play jewelry to people's feelings, rather than tinkering with technology products.

choose the best partner

jobs ' ability to find his most clever people to support him. He's a charming guy, persuading people to cooperate with him, had not even developed a product to allow people to trust him. He coordinates the work of many levels. Primary among these levels of a hierarchy is "change the world", and another layer is the actual production of refined products, design software, hardware, systems, and accessories around. Every development, he scoured the area to find the best talent, personally recruiting team, never make someone else responsible for recruiting. About jobs there, he have unpleasant associations for large organizations. He believed that those organizations with bureaucratic and inefficient. He himself did not like organization known as "Bozos (meaning fool)". Jobs has a principle, Mac teams must not be more than 100 people. Therefore, if you want to add a new Member, it means someone to quit. This is classic jobs: "I can't remember more than 100 persons other than the employee's name, I just want to work with people they know. Therefore, if more than 100 people, it will become a different organization, I can't work. I like the way of working is that I can take care of every aspect. ”

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