China Dalian eight brand planning organization is authoritative brand planning, product branding and packaging design agencies, real estate industry professional for large brands and companies that provide marketing services. In Hong Kong, Beijing, Hohhot, Dalian, and other branches, cooperative business cities throughout the country, has developed into China's largest and powerful integrated brand strategy consulting and design company. Dalian advertising company, and Dalian logo design, and Dalian logo design, and Dalian album design, and Dalian VI design, and Dalian trademark design, and Dalian design company, and Dalian publicity book design, and Dalian packaging design, and Dalian CI design, and Dalian LOGO design company, and Dalian Enterprise annual design, and Dalian Enterprise brand design now service category covers from market research to strategy planning, from creative design to media released of full process. We always adhere to the "all from innovation" as the core idea, through planning and effective execution of integrated marketing and brand stand out in the market, became a thriving within the industry.
9 year with growth, refining with Belle is more than just a successful company, is a successful team, a successful enterprise development strategic ally.
we have successfully completed corporate and brand import CIS, VIS Visual system design cases.
with people willing to work with our customers "create the future to build a better view".